Monday, November 12, 2007

Huskies vs. Ducks Football Game

A few weeks ago Greg and I had the privilege of hosting a pre-game get together with a group of my families biggest football fans. Unfortunately, some of them happen to be Duck fans. (I know, Greg loves me SO much that he married me despite this drastic flaw) We had everyone over for pre-game chili and corn, fun and fellowship. You will see in the picture from left to right: Vance (my brother-in-law), Alicia (my sister), Karis (our niece), Uncle Kenny and Aunt Nancy (Kara's favorite Aunt and Uncle), Dave (Kara's confused football fan Dad), Me (Kara) and the love of my life, Greg!

Greg and I's great friend Sadie brought her sweet little munchkins, Levi and Greyson over to hang out a bit before the game. Here you see one proud "Uncle Gregor" with Greyson showing his true colors! Go Huskies!

This is a pre-game picture of Greg and Aunt Nancy. We were so excited to have Aunt Nancy and Uncle Kenny over for the weekend despite a bit of a rough week after finding out that Grandpa Kellmer has cancer. We love you guys so much! The game would not have been the same without you two!
Despite the Husky loss, we really had a great time with the whole family! Thanks everyone for a great weekend!
We will get'um next year baby! Meeting on Duck turf anyone??