Friday, March 28, 2008

Update Coming Soon...I Promise!

"Sink or Swim" Being busy! Sometimes we have to make hard choices of what to do next, even when it is all important!

Okay, I admit. I feel bad at times saying that I am super busy when there are so many other people that are busy too. Example: my Super-Sister that is a full time super-mommy, full time working, full time wife, professional scrapbooker and my e-mail work-out buddy! Ya, she has a full plate! I honestly do not know how she does it! With that being said, I feel a bit of guilt saying that Blog updates are coming... "as soon as I have the time." :) But, I am going to say it. :) I promise to update soon! There have been some fun and exciting things happening in the Hicks household that I can't wait to share. Here is a glimpse of what is to come...

- Red and Tia's Week of Fun
- Red's return to the ER
- Our St. Patrick’s Day Feast
- A New Graduation Date for Kara
- Stew's 22nd Birthday
- Karis' First Birthday
- New Successes with X-Gym

Tuesday, March 4, 2008

Weekend-O-Baseball and Fun!

Last weekend Greg and I were very excited to get to attend four of Stew's baseball games against PLU. We had a blast watching some early Spring ball, hanging out with Aunt Nancy, Kasey, the other Aunt Nancy (my Uncle Kenny's sis) and her husband Uncle Dave. We also got to meet Stew's new girlfriend who drove up to watch the games too.

Some shots snapped in the stands...

Some action shots of Stew...

Stew waiting to that Uncle Cliff???

Kasey, Hannah and Aunt Nancy. Hannah had some seeds in her mouth...

No more seeds..just smiles!

Victory huddle on Second Base..

I just love the gloves flying through the air...

What a good lookin' Mother and Son!

We had a blast with everyone there! Thanks for a great weekend everyone! We are looking forward to the home games on the 21st and 22nd!

Greg & Kara

Snap Peas for Levi

Greg and I were grocery shopping the other night... and no, we were NOT at Costco amazingly!

Greg tossed a bag of dried Snap Peas into the cart.

I asked, "What are those for?"
Greg replied, "For Levi!"
I said, "Okay."

A few days later, Sadie, Greyson and Levi came over to visit.
Levi enjoyed the Snap Peas very much!
Uncle Gregor loves his little Snap Pea Eatin' Levi!
Levi loves sharing his Snap Peas with his Uncle Gregor!