Sunday, October 18, 2009

{know a 2011 grad?}

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Saturday, October 17, 2009

{oh my, those eyes...}

Sunday, October 11, 2009

{Pics 4 a Purpose '09} saving lives with smiles...

Yesterday I had the honor of participating in my first "Pictures for a Purpose" event as a photographer! Last year I was an assistant for Carlee, but this year I made the "leap" to being behind the camera alongside 5 other amazing photogs!

I was a little nervous about having 24 mini photo sessions in one day, but boy was it an amazing day! We will not know until all of the print orders are in, but we hope to raise $10,000+ to FIGHT Child Trafficking in SE Asia, a cause that I feel incredibly passionate about.

I absolutely love seeing how God can use the gifts of His people to accomplish things we could never do on our own. I am SO proud of ALL the volunteers including the women from our Eastside Women of Purpose (EWOP) group as well as Joe - our tech support for the day (thanks Joe, we could not have done it without you)! Our planning team did an incredible job covering every detail so that all us photogs had to do was take photos...and lots of them! I feel so honored to call myself an "EWOP-er" :)

I am quite sore today and already feeling like going to bed (it's about 6pm) but it is a super small price to pay in comparison to what is happening to the children that are being sold, abused, tortured, raped and taken advantage of in SE Asia and ALL over the world.

Child Trafficking is a horrible injustice - I love that one of the ways that we fight it is with beautiful smiles like the ones above. :)

Is there a cause that YOU are passionate about? What is YOUR God given talent or gift that you could use to FIGHT for that cause? I would encourage you to find out! It is a pretty amazing feeling to connect those two things!

Thursday, October 8, 2009

{i love} taking senior pics...

Wednesday, October 7, 2009

{the Jones fam} sneak peek...

This last Saturday morning was a bit of a chilly one, but I had a blast with this fun little family! Here is a little sneak peek photo taken while we went and experienced the Bellevue Botanical Gardens. It is a GREAT spot to take photos of 2 little boys that love to explore! It felt like we were out for a little adventure instead of trying to "wrangle" them and force smiles out of them. We all had a great time just playing! :) 

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Thursday, October 1, 2009

{sweet growing families}

I am pretty darn crazy about what I get to do on my weekends! I have been blessed with some amazing clients that I truly enjoy getting to know and getting to see them grow!
This is little Cooper, one of the cutest little gerber babies I know!
(by the way, check out the Ahhh-mazing argyle wall behind him that his mom painted! Ya, I know...pretty sweet, huh?) 
This is my second time getting to photograph this amazing little family! absolutely adorable is this little guy!?!?!
LOVE this look...
And this little sweetie is the newest addition to the ever-growing Calkin family! The Calkin's were one of my very first family shoots about a year ago! I absolutely LOVE that I had another opportunity to photograph this beautiful family!
Isn't she just a little doll!?!
I just love her little smiles she makes at her mommy!

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