Monday, November 12, 2007

Huskies vs. Ducks Football Game

A few weeks ago Greg and I had the privilege of hosting a pre-game get together with a group of my families biggest football fans. Unfortunately, some of them happen to be Duck fans. (I know, Greg loves me SO much that he married me despite this drastic flaw) We had everyone over for pre-game chili and corn, fun and fellowship. You will see in the picture from left to right: Vance (my brother-in-law), Alicia (my sister), Karis (our niece), Uncle Kenny and Aunt Nancy (Kara's favorite Aunt and Uncle), Dave (Kara's confused football fan Dad), Me (Kara) and the love of my life, Greg!

Greg and I's great friend Sadie brought her sweet little munchkins, Levi and Greyson over to hang out a bit before the game. Here you see one proud "Uncle Gregor" with Greyson showing his true colors! Go Huskies!

This is a pre-game picture of Greg and Aunt Nancy. We were so excited to have Aunt Nancy and Uncle Kenny over for the weekend despite a bit of a rough week after finding out that Grandpa Kellmer has cancer. We love you guys so much! The game would not have been the same without you two!
Despite the Husky loss, we really had a great time with the whole family! Thanks everyone for a great weekend!
We will get'um next year baby! Meeting on Duck turf anyone??

Wednesday, October 17, 2007

The Night Before My First Class...

Tomorrow night is my first class towards the many that I will be taking over the next year to finish my Business degree. I have been doing really well over the last few weeks preparing for this frist class by compleating all my reading assignments. I had one last thing to do tonight to be completly prepared for class tomorrow, but I found something a lot more fun to do before starting my last assignment...three photo booth!

P.S. The Assignment is done...First class, here I come!!!

Tuesday, October 16, 2007

Life as a DINK?

Recently Greg and I have been given a bit of a hard time about the content of our blog. I think it is pretty funny.
Yesterday, I was talking with one of my best friends, Paula that lives in Coeur d'Alene Idaho whom I miss dearly and LOVE laughing with! I shared with her that she needed to check out our new blog site! Shorly there after I got a big laugh from her. Why, you may ask? I quote her (or something like this), "You guys are hilarious! Most people post pictures of their kids, and you guys have posts about other peoples kids, and your new guys must be having the time of your lives!"
The truth is....YES! We are having the time of our lives! We are looking forward to the day that we have little Gregors and little Karas running around, but until then...we are loving every moment together as DINK's. What is that? This last Sunday at church we learned that we are considered DINK's, Dual Income No Kids. :) Let's hear it for all the DINK's out there! :)

Tuesday, October 9, 2007

Our "Nephews"

Levi and Greyson on one of our first Fall days here in Seattle - Photo taken by their Aunt Carlee (Sadie's sister) of Angel Face Photography
Greyson kickin' back (also taken by Aunt Carlee) Find more of her pictures at

So Greg and I really only have one niece, but in our hearts we also have 2 nephews. Our great friends, Josh and Sadie have 2 wonderfully adorable and loving little boys. We love spending time with the whole fam, including Tia, our dog's best buddy!

We were recently introduced to Levi's new baseball card collection which he is VERY proud of as well as a very entertaining "spiderman dance". It is so much fun seeing Levi as such a loving and proud Big Brother. He just loves his new little brother! We are looking forward to future baseball games, birthday parties and some day... graduations! We love you guys!

Tuesday, October 2, 2007

One Proud Auntie and Uncle!

Karis at Riverfest in Salem
One Proud Grandma!
Karis eating her first Rice Cereal!

Greg and I became an Auntie and Uncle for the first time just one month after our Wedding. My favorite sister and Matron of Honor, Alicia and husband Vance blessed us with Karis Faith on March 24th. It is super crazy to see her growing so fast, especially being so far away and having to keep up with the changes via their blog and visits here and there. Here are a few of my favorite pictures.

Thursday, September 27, 2007

Our New Laptop Computer

So some of you know that I (Kara) am going to be starting classes on Oct. 18th. I am very excited! I have always known that I would finish my degree, but thought it would be a lot further in my future. Now that I work for a University, it has opened the "Degree Finishing Door" much sooner than I anticipated. YEAH!!! So, since I am starting classes soon, my wonderful husband decided to get me a top of the line Laptop (the MacBook Pro!) so that I can knock all of my classes out of the park! :) The funny thing is that I have no idea how to use my new 'Top of the line" computer. :) So, I have to go to the Apple store this weekend and have them teach me all about my wonderful MacBook! One cool feature that Greg and I did discover is this fun "Photo Booth". At anytime we can click on our very own photo booth and snap some fun pictures. Here are a few of our first pictures taken on my MacBook Photo Booth!

Sunday, September 23, 2007

Our Very First Post

Okay, we have finally given in. We have officially entered into the blogging world! Watch out, here we come! No, we do not have any big announcements to make or huge events to post...we are just hoping to be able to stay in touch with our family and friends in this fun online scrap-booking format. I have enjoyed keeping up with my Sister and Brother-in-law's life as new parents and the growth of our perfect little niece, Karis through their blog so we feel like we should join in on the fun. I hope you all enjoy!
Greg and Kara Hicks