Thursday, January 27, 2011

{Testing, testing...}

I am super excited to be working on a little re-launch/re-brand/re-focus of my little photography business. I am still a little ways away from the launch, but till then Grady has the privilege of being my little model and guinea pig. He is quite patient with his mommy.
In this photo I was testing out a new basket that I got for a Newborn shoot that I have this Sunday. :) I am just giddy about that opportunity to photograph a newborn baby girl that will be just 11 days old! Part of my re-focus will be more of an emphasis on Newborns, babies and kids. I am so very excited about this! Get ready to start sending those prego mommas my way! :)

Tuesday, January 25, 2011

Adoption {ROCKS}

I happen to LOVE the fact that I see adoption happening everywhere! Here are just a few examples...

{1} Our church, OCC is a huge advocate and supporter of adoption. The 3 purposes of our church are "Love God, Love People, Serve the World" and within the "Serve the World" part, one of the major initiatives is Orphan Care. I LOVE how this is at the heart of our church!

{2} Our great friends, the Avery's are getting very close to the adoption of their little girl Zephina from Zambia. They have an amazing story about their journey to adoption on their BLOG. They are holding a huge fundraiser THIS Saturday at Alder Ridge Winery in Woodinville. Greg and I will be there, and you too are welcome to join tons of friends that are coming together to help this wonderful family bring their baby girl home! :) You can find all the details HERE!

{3} Our great friends, the Butterworth's are also adopting! They are in the process of adopting a sweet baby girl from Ethiopia! Marisa and Jesse had these crazy awesome "Adoption Rocks" t-shrits made to raise funds for their adoption. I bought this shirt for Grady back when I was just a few months prego with him and I felt like he would NEVER be THAT big! :) HA! Here we are, at 5 1/2 months old, and it totally fits! :) They only have a few little people t-shirts left, so if you are interested, check out their blog to find out what is left and help to support the homecoming of their little girl!
And I just HAD to include this sweet little one too! This is little Miss Lydia, Marisa & Jesse's niece. She is not only CrAzY adorable, but she is also Grady's B-day buddy. She was born the day after Grady! How fun is that?!? Her mommy and I are also fellow photogs & friends from back in the day! You can check out her blog HERE!
I also just found out a few months ago that one of my good friends from back in Coeur d' Alene are in the process of adopting! I'm so crazy excited for them!

Are YOU adopting or thinking about it? If you have a blog to document the journey, please let me know! I'd love to follow!

Monday, January 17, 2011

{Heart Stealer}

Grady steals my heart on a daily basis. Actually, multiple times a day. Just when I don't think that I can love him anymore, he whips out another one of his crazy contagious smiles of his and he does it again. Heart. Stolen.Check!

One of my favorite hear-stealing-moments is our "first look of the day" in the morning. These days he wakes up around 6:15am or so. We start to hear him moving about in his crib (well, his pack-n-play...he doesn't have a crib yet) and then some cute "talking" follows. He chats with himself for a little while contently, and it then turns to a more intentional form of communication. It never turns into a cry, just a more serious tone of chatting. :) Time for some breakfast around 6:30am! :) 
As soon as I get up I think he can sense that I am coming to his rescue. His movement get more rapid and as soon as he sees me his sweet little face just lights up like a Christmas tree! Ah, the Grady "Good Morning, Mommy" smile. Melts me. Most people that know me know I am NOT a morning person. BUT - when I get to wake up to the sweetest little guy and the most wonderful smile you have ever seen it somehow wakes me to a point I have never achieved via caffeine or any other form at that!
I just love my little Love Bug to pieces!

Sunday, January 9, 2011

{New Introductions}

It was finally time...
Grady turned 5 months old today and we decided it was time to introduce him to his first meal of Rice Cereal!

"Mommy, what is that thing coming towards my face? Is that for ME?"
"I'm not too sure about this...are you sure babies eat this stuff??"
"Hmmm, it's kinda good, but I can't figure out how to keep it in my mouth??"
"The texture is quite different...not like mommy's milk at all!"
"Wait, I might be getting the hang of this..."
"Yes, mommy...I think I can do it!"
"Yummy!!! I will take some more, please!"
It was pretty funny getting to watch the progression of discovery Grady went through bite by bite! As you can tell by the photos he was not a fan at first. But he didn't give up! He seemed quite curious what we were trying to get him to eat, even though it wasn't love at first bite. It only took a handful of bites for him to figure out how to keep it in his mouth instead of spitting it out. Once he figured that out, he took a few more bites to decide if this was something he would like to continue to try. After that he seemed to like it as he started grabbing for the spoon and lunging towards the incoming bite. He even started "talking" to daddy in what I could only interpret as happy and excited feedback. :)
I can't help but think ahead to Grady's future and wonder how other  introductions to new things will go. Will they go as smoothly as this? Will he trust that even though what we are "feeding" him does not seem too appealing at first that we still have his best interests in mind? Will he stick it out and give it a chance? Will he end up liking it as much as we hope and pray he does?
I know there will be ups and downs as Grady grows and learns and becomes a little man. Greg and I will try to "feed" him only the best we know. We hope to instill in him morals and values but most importantly a love for Jesus, others and a heart to serve the world. I just pray that he will trust that we will always have his best interests in mind and that he will grow up to become and do all the special things God has planned for him.