Tuesday, March 24, 2009

{Little Loves}

Seriously...does it GET any more wonderful than these two little loves!?!
Greg and I are just crazy about these guys!

{Life Update}

So it has been a little whiles since I have done an update...
Greg and I celebrated our 2nd Anniversary a few weeks ago. I took Greg to Victoria BC...
We stayed in The Oswego...it was simply lovely! This is what we arrived to in our one bedroom suite:
...a nice note from the hotel wishing us a Happy Anniversary!
Our bedroom...
Greg lounging in the living room...
It was a little cloudy and cold when were were there, but we had a ton of fun!
Saturday night we made popcorn in our suite kitchen and hung out just lounging! It was wonderful!
We started our Sunday morning with some french press coffee in our room, then headed out for a lovely breakfast at Milestones. It was delish!
Just a fun photo of our little guy, Red...
We recently received our tickets for the Coldplay Concert this summer!! I can't wait!
"Rain or Shine" 
And I just had to include this one! The view from my desk the first day of "Spring Break" for our students...HA!

Wednesday, March 18, 2009

{Yeah} for business cards

I just put in an order for my first business cards! I am so excited!

They are going to fold like a card, so this is the back/front:
And this is the middle:
What do you think???

Friday, March 13, 2009

Need some Saturday Night Plans???

It's Friday...the weather is gorgeous right now here in the Seattle area...

Are you thinking to yourself, "Self, I would like to get out and do something fun this Saturday night that will help change the life of a little girl, and a family."

Well, if you are thinking that (and even if you wer not), I have the PERFECT solution for you!

Come join Greg and I at this event, "Bringing Bethlehem Home Night Out". You will have a great time, and help a wonderful family bring their little baby "B" home to them here in Kirkland all the way from Ethiopia!

You can ALSO bid on a Photo Session from me in the silent auction if you were looking to book a session with me!! All the $$ goes right towards bringing Baby "B" home! How cool is that!?!?!

Here are all the details below. You can purchase your tickets at the door too, so there is not excuse not to come and have a great time, and raise a little $$ for a great family!!

*If you are having troubles reading this, just email me at karahicksphotography@gmail.com and I will get you all the info!

Sunday, March 8, 2009

{not just photos}

So don't be too shocked that you are seeing an entry with no photos, and lots of words. I tend to do posts that are about pictures. I usually feel that pictures say much more than I can say with my words. 

Today, I have no pictures, just words.

My heart is heavy. 
My mind is racing. 
My spirit is awakened.
A purpose feels so clear.

This has been one amazing weekend. It started off Friday night with our 2nd Annual AWAKE Women's Conference at our church, OCC. I have been so encouraged, challenged, blessed and entertained by the amazing women of God at the conference this weekend.

My heart is heavy...
This morning in our EWOP (Eastside Women of Purpose) meeting we had the privilege of meeting and hearing from Leah Cypert. She is one amazing, strong, smart, compassionate, hard-working woman of God (and that does not even begin to do this woman justice). Leah shared with us the heart and purpose behind a current project that she is working on called Freedom Stones. It is difficult to put what she does in a nutshell so here is my weak attempt: She is out to change the world, one necklace at a time. Her focus is the fight of Human Trafficking. After hearing more about this horrible injustice that is happening all around the word called Human Trafficking, my heart is so very heavy.

My mind is racing...
This is very hard for me to say: "God has blessed me with a newly found gift and passion of photography." Why is that hard to say? It is hard for me to say "I have a gift", to me it feels so selfish. Yet this weekend, I found a new way to look at it that makes so much more sense. 
GOD has blessed me with that gift. It feels so much better to point the finger up to my Creator. That makes sense to me. God has brought me to a place where I CAN'T NOT give that back to Him and glorify Him with that gift He has so graciously given to and revealed to me. 
My mind starts racing at this very statement: 
"How can I start to use this gift He has blessed me with for His glory!?!?!" 
Oh my goodness, I CAN'T WAIT to start!

My spirit is awakened...
It is one thing to find the gift that God has given you that you want to use for Him, but it is an even more amazing thing to find what you are to use that gift FOR. When the gift and the purpose are revealed to you, your spirit is awakened! My spirit is awakened!

A purpose feels so clear...
I was excited about starting my photography business before, but there is no comparison as to how excited I am to get it going and thriving now! Why? ...Purpose... My purpose and motivation behind my business now is to be able to be self employed and through being self employed, I want to support Leah in her work with Freedom Stones with 20% of the income from my business. I want to give back to God through the gift He has given me. I can't imagine it any other way.

There is much more to come as I being this newly found motivation behind my business. It may also include a trip to Thailand this May to see the injustice of Human Trafficking first hand.

Please pray for me.

I truly want God to be glorified, and lives to be changed through my business, not just great photos to be taken.

Monday, March 2, 2009

{More of Josh P}

I had a great time on this shoot with Josh and Kyle. You don't see Kyle in any of the pictures because he came along to shoot a little too and to try out my nifty-fifty. Josh was a great, patient model for us both. I can't wait to actually hear some of his music soon!
Thanks guys!