Friday, October 29, 2010

{Happy Halloween!}

Happy Halloween from the sweetest little Football you have EVER seen! :)
Someone was a *bit* tired and slept through his first Pumpkin Patch trip!
Happy Halloween from the Hicks Fam!!!!

Wednesday, October 6, 2010

{Playing a little catch up...}

I would love to introduce you to our wonderful little man...
Grady Edward Hicks
Born 8-9-10 @ 5:08pm
7lbs 5oz, 20.5in

But lets go back a few months! I guess the last photo that I posted of Grady on the blog (back when we didn't even know he was a Grady) was our 9week sonogram!?!? Is that possible?!? I'm one HORRIBLE blogger! :)

So, here we go, from the beginning....

{9 weeks}
{19 weeks}
{21 weeks}
{24.5 weeks}
{31 weeks}
{36 weeks} 
(on Gregs birthday! AND starting to feel HUGE!)

{Family photo shoot at 37 weeks}
{37 weeks}
{39 weeks}

{39 weeks & 4 days!}
...and my very last picture pregnant! This was my WONDERFUL L&D nurse, Carol.  
My water had broke at home at about 10:30am on Aug 9th (3 days before his due date). We made it in to see Dr. Morell about an hour and a half later & then he sent us downstairs to checked in and get pitocin hooked up since I was only having "tiny" contractions on my own. This photo was taken at about 1pm, right after Carol started the pitocin. About 15 minutes later I was having crazy hard contractions out of no where with only about 15-20 seconds rest inbetween. way to experience contractions for the first time! HA! Carol told me later that they had the drip turned up a little too high for me...and that the other nurses could not believe how fast this first time momma was progressing! Thanks to being a Kellmer girl I guess! :) I went from 3cm to 6cm in about an hour, got that lovely epidural and was complete at 4:30 (although my nurse thought I had been there for a while). After 39 minutes of pushing, Greg helped Dr. Morell to deliver our beautiful baby boy, Grady! Hands down the most amazing moment of my life to have my husband help me to deliver our son into the world and place him on my chest...amazing how so instantly I was SO in love with him and felt the "motherly instincts" kick in when I heard his first little cry. As soon as he was in my arms, and I was able to talk to him he instantly stopped crying! So crazy how he knew his momma had him safely in her arms and was ready to love and protect him. :)

{First Family Photo}
I sobbed the moment I saw this photo for the first time. So amazing how such a wonderful, tiny little guy changed our life in an instant! We could NOT be a happier family of 3!
{First Bath from Daddy}
I was so proud of Greg for asking out nurse if he could give Grady his first bath. Saying that Greg is a wonderful daddy is a HUGE understatement! :)
{12 hours old}
...and finally the first photo that mommy got to snap of him. (for sure the first of THOUSANDS! :))
{First car ride HOME}
Words can't describe how elated Greg and I were to be leaving that hospital as a family of wonderful!
{3 days old}
...and headed to our postpartum check up. Found out that he had lost almost a pound, was jaundice and not doing so well eating. :( Broke this new momma's heart! We started a bit of a crazy feeding/pumping schedule when we got home. It was a bit rough and still kind of a haze, but we got thru it. After his 5th Doctors appointment at about 3 weeks old he was finally back up to a healthy weight! SUCH a relief! Who would have thought our baby would have feeding issues?!?! :)
{Proud Grammies!}
{My FAVORITE boys...}
{1 week old!}

{First photo shoot @ 10 days old}
The blue blanket is one that my Grandma Kellmer made for Grady. I had one just like it when I was little (with pink and other girly colors) that was my beloved blankie. Needless to say, when I opened this gift in the hospital the day after Grady was born, I kind of lost sobbing lost it. :) It's super special.
{Meeting Great G'ma Headrick}
{SUCH a happy fam...}

{Two Weeks Old}

{Great Grandpa Young singing to Grady}
{19 Days old}
{6 weeks old}

and we finally make it back to present day...

{8 weeks old}

I hope you enjoyed our little journey of our little man! I will try and be a little better about updates from here on out! :)