Thursday, February 17, 2011

sweet little {espen} - 11 days new

Ok, seriously. How lucky am I? Two newborns in two weeks (and another next week!). I am in heaven! I was so excited that Heather contacted me to do sweet little Espen's newborn photos! He was one amazing sleeper and we got to do some pretty fun photos with him!

I just can't resist the yawning! Melts me every time! :)

Heather & Scott - thank you SO much for contacting me to "fill in". :) What an honor to photograph your sweet little guy! He was SO fun and SO easy to photograph! Congrats to you guys. He is just perfect in every way!
(oh - did you get the giraffe??)

Friday, February 4, 2011

sweet little baby {aria} - 11 days new

What a special day last Sunday was! Not only did I get to see a dear old co-worker of mine but I got to do my very first {fresh} newborn photo shoot! Sweet little Aria was just 11 days old! What could be more fun?!?

What a joy getting to see Steph as a new mommy! I just loved getting to witness these new parents love on their perfect little one.

I found myself a few times just staring at Aria... overwhelmed by God's beautiful creation of a new little life. I was also reminded that it was not that long ago that Grady was that tiny. My goodness how time flies!

Steph - you are SUCH a beautiful momma! Just stunning.

Aria was just perfect. She even gave us a little yawn towards the end of the shoot! Being the perfect little model is hard work! :)

Congrats to you two! Thanks so much for the privilege of capturing your sweet little love. It was SO wonderful to see you. Let's not wait as long for the next time we see each other!