Thursday, September 27, 2007

Our New Laptop Computer

So some of you know that I (Kara) am going to be starting classes on Oct. 18th. I am very excited! I have always known that I would finish my degree, but thought it would be a lot further in my future. Now that I work for a University, it has opened the "Degree Finishing Door" much sooner than I anticipated. YEAH!!! So, since I am starting classes soon, my wonderful husband decided to get me a top of the line Laptop (the MacBook Pro!) so that I can knock all of my classes out of the park! :) The funny thing is that I have no idea how to use my new 'Top of the line" computer. :) So, I have to go to the Apple store this weekend and have them teach me all about my wonderful MacBook! One cool feature that Greg and I did discover is this fun "Photo Booth". At anytime we can click on our very own photo booth and snap some fun pictures. Here are a few of our first pictures taken on my MacBook Photo Booth!


Alicia said...

Okay, you guys are the cutest. Vance will be very jealous of your MacBook. He was a Mac guy for years, until the school district converted everything to PC, so he sold his Mac laptop and we got a desktop PC. I have been wanting to get a laptop, primarily for picture editing and scrapbooking stuff. I'm not sure I have the motivation to save up for one and I don't know that scrapbooking is a very good reason to buy a laptop. Hey, I can dream can't I? I look forward to seeing all the bells and whistles on your MacBook. See you in a few weeks. GO DUCKS!!

Gerald & Airika said...

It was so fun to see you the other day. It's also fun to be your favorite photographers! I look forward to reading more of your blog postings and let's get together soon! :)

Canucker said...

Ahhhh Kara I just love you and I miss your silliness!! I'm so happy to see you guys so happy...not too happy though, I think a move back over yonder would make you the 100% happy married couple;) Loves,