Tuesday, October 9, 2007

Our "Nephews"

Levi and Greyson on one of our first Fall days here in Seattle - Photo taken by their Aunt Carlee (Sadie's sister) of Angel Face Photography
Greyson kickin' back (also taken by Aunt Carlee) Find more of her pictures at angelfacephotography.blogspot.com

So Greg and I really only have one niece, but in our hearts we also have 2 nephews. Our great friends, Josh and Sadie have 2 wonderfully adorable and loving little boys. We love spending time with the whole fam, including Tia, our dog's best buddy!

We were recently introduced to Levi's new baseball card collection which he is VERY proud of as well as a very entertaining "spiderman dance". It is so much fun seeing Levi as such a loving and proud Big Brother. He just loves his new little brother! We are looking forward to future baseball games, birthday parties and some day... graduations! We love you guys!


Alicia said...

Cute pictures. I definitely need to get some fall pics of Karis before all the leaves blow away.

Yes, Kara I saw your post on my blog, I will try to get some new pictures up soon. Wow, life as a working mom is really busy.

Love you both, see you next weekend!!