Wednesday, January 2, 2008

Playing "Catch-Up" Part Two

Thanksgiving with Greg's Family

Being married now, Greg and I do the famous "Holiday Swap". You know, Thanksgiving with your fam, Christmas with mine and then flip flop next year. The wonderful thing is that I love Greg's family to much that I feel funny saying "Greg's Family" I truly feel that they are my family too. At Thanksgiving one of Greg's cousins, Jackie asked me if it was hard not being with my family for Thanksgiving. My first honest gut reaction was "I AM with my family!" - wow, do I feel blessed or what!?!?

Day After Thanksgiving Sale Shopping with the Girls...

This year was my very first EVER early morning "Day After Thanksgiving Sale" shopping experience. (Here is a shot of the group at our first destination of the morning) Yes, it IS an experience. After the shock of getting up so early (4:30am!) we really did have a blast together. We waited in line at Joe's Sporting Goods to try and score a gift card that was given to the first 200 customers. I scored big time when I opened my envelope to find a $25 Gift Card! That made the 4:30 am wake up totally worth it! After that it was on to half price socks at Freddy's. Memories!


Greg's cousin's wife Pam recently had knee surgery yet still decided to take on the super shopper task of crazy Day After Thanksgiving Shopping for her three wonderful boys! Here is a picture of Lori Girl in the Freddy's scooter that Pam is a funny one for you...have you ever thought of what it would be like to get your scooter stuck in the lady's room stall with no help in sight?? Well, if you ever get the chance, ask Pam what that would be like. :) You will be rolling with laughter if you ever have the privilage of hearing the story from her point of view.

One more hilarious quote from the shopping experience...
"I sure hope they are giving out strips of bacon at Michaels!"
See if you can guess what protein-deprived shopper that quote came from.

Thanks Hicks Family for a wonderful Thanksgiving and a blast at Day After Thanksgiving Shopping Craziness!


Jan said...

Yahoo! I love, love, love to read your blog. I admit I am a closet blogger-peeker. It's fun to view updated photos and read the stories that accompany them. Reading your day after Thanksgiving shopping story made me smile.
Keep up the good work.
Love to you both.