Tuesday, February 5, 2008


My BIG sister is turning 29 today! Happy Birthday, Alicia!!! Time to start saying goodbye to those wonderful 20's. :)
We Love you lots!
Greg, Kara and Red


Alicia said...

Thanks G&K for the wonderful B-day message. Yeah, Vance reminded me this morning that even though I'm 29 today, it is the beginning of my 30th year. Yikes, I guess it is time to start saying goodbye to the 20's.

Alicia said...

P.S. What are you trying to say? I noticed the guy in the picture is old and has gray hair. Oh, yeah, I do have gray hair, you just can't see it. =) Thank you Redken.

Greg & Kara H said...

The old guy is Vance, in a few years. :) (Just kidding :))Oh but wait, he does not have any hair. Oh well...just thought it would make you feel better that you will never be as old as your husband :) (and neither will I! :))

KJo said...

I'll be sure to pass your comment on to Kyle. He played that song for me over Christmas and I just about fell on the floor when he told me he wrote it. He's in Elkhart doing the hunting thing, helping out on the farm, and whatever else there is to do in nowhere U.S.A.