Tuesday, March 4, 2008

Snap Peas for Levi

Greg and I were grocery shopping the other night... and no, we were NOT at Costco amazingly!

Greg tossed a bag of dried Snap Peas into the cart.

I asked, "What are those for?"
Greg replied, "For Levi!"
I said, "Okay."

A few days later, Sadie, Greyson and Levi came over to visit.
Levi enjoyed the Snap Peas very much!
Uncle Gregor loves his little Snap Pea Eatin' Levi!
Levi loves sharing his Snap Peas with his Uncle Gregor!


Alicia said...

How precious is that??? Watch out Levi, Karis loves peas too. Auntie Kara and Uncle Gregor might have to have some peas on hand when Karis comes to visit too.

Lori said...

That's it....can you guy's please have your own kids already! I can't wait the two plus maybe years. Love you! Auntie Lori Girl

Lori said...

That's it! Can you guy's please have your own kids ASAP! Auntie Lori Girl can't wait the two plus mabye years. :)