Monday, January 26, 2009

{Photography Class} assignment

This week's assignment in my class was to shoot some images using a flash, and some without with a high (1600) ISO.
See if you can guess the images shot with a flash, and the images shot with an ISO of 1600???
Image 1:
Image 2:
Image 3:
Image 4:
Image 5:
Image 6:
Tomorrow in class, we are going to put our images into Photoshop and work with them. I am excited to see what my teacher does with my images, especially since I don't know much about Photoshop yet!


Sadie said...

2, 4, 5 & 6? All lovely by the way... :)

Julie Watts said...

Hey is this a trick question?? I don't see any obvious evidence of flash in ANY of them. . . maybe #4 if you forced me to pick one!

Cool exercise!!