Monday, February 16, 2009

{More FuN, fuN, FUN!}

I think this little cutie could have a future in modeling! She was a pro, not to mention we had an absolute blast together! 
Let me know what you think of this style that I shot in. This is the starting point for the focus of my final project in my class. I would love some feedback!


stephanie johnson said...

ah, she is soooo cute!!!! i can't handle it. those pictures are so full of personality.

Anonymous said...

I love the style you used. In fact I was going to ask you, what type of class are you taking? I have noticed that your pictures are getting AMAZINGLY better and mine are getting...well worse if not just the same. I need to take a class but I have NO clue where to start. Suggestions?

Carlee Avery said...

Oh wow!! These are SOO great...I'm kind of afraid to show them to her :) Um, not to mention her dad!! :)
She's getting her braces off tomorrow too - watch out world! She apparently didnt get her mommas birdie lips ;)

I want to see them all!!