Thursday, April 9, 2009

{Our trip to Scottsdale}

So last weekend Greg and I got to take a quick little vacation to Arizona. It was simply wonderful! The weather was so warm, the sun so inviting, and the company...just lovely!
Josh, Sadie and the boys were staying at the Westin, so we got to go join them pool-side during the day.
Levi was a BIG fan of the "Lazy River" at the Westin. This was Levi and I after our first ride on the river together...
One of the nights at the Westin I was introduced to my first game of shuffle board. All I have to say is I am hooked. I now know why Greg is so crazy about finding places that have shuffle board. 
Greg and I got to stay with Gary and Karen at their beautiful home. One of the days we got to take a ride on the Rhino on the desert trails around their home. It was a ton of fun! I am just glad that Jason decided to play it safe on our ride! :)
Sadie and her boys by the pool..
I did it again. Greg and I were on vacation together, and I came back with about 300 pictures of Levi and Greyson, and none of Greg and I. Something that I need to work on, but who can resist the cutest little faces like these?!?! :)
Greyson and Grammy :)
Sadie and Levi on the lazy river...
Someone got into the ketchup and fries :)
Such a cute little pool boy!
So serious...even while vacationing by the pool. :)
Wish I had a video camera for this one. Greyson all of a sudden decided that he enjoyed dancing...with this pole. :) It was hilarious! :)
We had a fabulous time! Gary and Karen...thank you SO much for letting us stay with you! We had a wonderful time hanging by the pool and around the fire. Looking forward to our next trip to Scottsdale! :)


Lisa said...

I see a Tee Off Against Trafficking zippie!


Glad you had so much fun.