Saturday, March 13, 2010

{In love with this time...}

(Greg & I at M.Matsuoto's Grocery Store on the Northshore of Oahu for some of their famous shaved ice! Pete Carol's vacation home was only blocks away!)

Our sweet baby Hicks is still about 5 months away from actually being out of my belly and really HERE in our lives, but it has amazed me how present he/she already is and how he/she has had such a huge impact on Greg and I already!

Here are a few changes...
I can't believe how much I absolutely CHERISH my time with Greg these days. Not that I didn't before we were prego, but it just has changed. Even typing those words..."CHERISH", makes me all teary eyed. Actually, anytime I talk about him these days, I get teary eyed. He simply amazes me. I can't believe how blessed I am...and how excited I am to be HIS wife and the mommy of his baby. :)
Before, when craziness happened, we just dealt with it and looked forward to when it would die down (which hardly ever happened). Now, if craziness presents itself, I choose my time with Greg as THE most important priority. Period. Normally the huge amount of emails, lists of things to do, photos to edit and responsibilities would take priority. 
Now, it is Greg.
In about 5 months, our life will change forever. FOR-EVVVEEERRRR. (yes, that was for you Alicia & Vance. :))
These last 5 months are THE LAST 5 months it will be just me and him (and Red too).
Don't get me wrong. I am CRAZY excited about that change...and we feel incredibly blessed to finally be in this place in life! I would not trade it for ANYTHING.
I can't wait to meet our see Greg hold his first-born for the first see that little person that we made together in his big, loving meet the person I love so very much, even before meeting him/her or even finding out if it is a him or her! And yes, to see Red meet his baby brother/sister for the first time. (he is going to be such a good big brother!!)
BUT, we are in no rush to make these 5 months go any faster. I am one of those women that is starting to really loving being pregnant...and fully enjoying each step of the way. Hearing our babies heart beat at each appointment, starting to feel the little flutters of life in my belly and slowly seeing our baby grow via my growing belly. But don't worry Paula, I will not be one of people that cry on the way to the hospital over not getting to be pregnant me, I can't wait for that day when we meet our sweet baby Hicks!
We are now counting down the days till we get to find out if we are having a boy or a girl. Only 10 more days! We get to find out what we are having on my favorite (and only) niece, Karis' birthday! I am pretty sure that Jan-e-pie has her shoppin' shoes on already at the thought of knowing soon whether her first grand-baby will be a boy or girl. All I know is that we are going to be super excited either way!
Thanks for following us on this amazing journey! I'm sure the next post about us will be to reveal what we are having, so stay tuned! :)


Alicia said...

Oh my goodness, I love this post!! I just feel the ooey gooey love and passion coming right off the computer monitor all over me as I read it. It makes me so excited for you two and I can't wait to #1 find out if I'm getting a niece or a nephew, and #2 (which really should be #1) to meet little baby Hicks!!! P.S. Is there going to be an eBay auction again this year for Tee off? Just curious if there are going to be Kara Hicks Photography sessions to bid on =) LOVE YOU LOTS...LOVE YOU FOR-E-VER

Megan said...

Beautifully said!! Cherish every moment. Congratulations again!

The Merks said...

I CAN NOT WAIT!! Just in case you weren't sure if I was excited to know:) Love you dear friend and miss you. xo