Monday, January 17, 2011

{Heart Stealer}

Grady steals my heart on a daily basis. Actually, multiple times a day. Just when I don't think that I can love him anymore, he whips out another one of his crazy contagious smiles of his and he does it again. Heart. Stolen.Check!

One of my favorite hear-stealing-moments is our "first look of the day" in the morning. These days he wakes up around 6:15am or so. We start to hear him moving about in his crib (well, his pack-n-play...he doesn't have a crib yet) and then some cute "talking" follows. He chats with himself for a little while contently, and it then turns to a more intentional form of communication. It never turns into a cry, just a more serious tone of chatting. :) Time for some breakfast around 6:30am! :) 
As soon as I get up I think he can sense that I am coming to his rescue. His movement get more rapid and as soon as he sees me his sweet little face just lights up like a Christmas tree! Ah, the Grady "Good Morning, Mommy" smile. Melts me. Most people that know me know I am NOT a morning person. BUT - when I get to wake up to the sweetest little guy and the most wonderful smile you have ever seen it somehow wakes me to a point I have never achieved via caffeine or any other form at that!
I just love my little Love Bug to pieces!


Kirsten said...

What a cutie! When Coen was just a babe, I would have to stop myself from going in and waking him up, because he was just such a lover right after his nap. Glad to see you're enjoying motherhood!