Wednesday, January 2, 2008

Playing "Catch Up" Part One

Okay, okay. I am sorry! I have been avoiding updating the blog for some time now. It started off that I just thought no one was looking at our blog, so I felt no need to update. I am now aware that there are aparently blog lookers out there that just don't write comments. So, here is "Part One" of our updating...

In November Alicia, Vance and Karis came to stay with us while Vance attended the Worship Leaders Conference at our church, Overlake Christian. Although Vance was pretty tied up with the conference most of the weekend, I had a blast hangin' out with my sister and my wonderful little Karis! I can never have too much Karis time!

Where is Karis?!?!?!?

There she is!!!

Uncle Gregor was letting her play with his phone for a morning much fun!

Greg's mom, Jan decided she should purchase a highchair to have on hand...just in case it was ever needed and it really came in handy when we decided to watch the Husky vs. Beavers Football game at Mark and Jan's house. Thanks G'ma Jan (is there such thing as a G'ma-in-law???) :)


Alicia said...

YEAH, welcome back. Love the stories and the pictures!!! I especially like the one with Karis next to Greg in his "comfy camo."