Wednesday, May 14, 2008

Assignment: Still Life

Today's assignment was still life...

It is funny how my favorites change from before class, to after class. Sometimes they don't change, but today it did. My favorite of the three was the middle, of the French Press, coffee mug and beans. However, after class my favorite was the first one...of the black shoes. The professor and my class mates comment on all our photos. Today, the professor told me how everything about the first photo, of the black shoes was "right".
I would like to think that I am not influenced easily, but not today...the black shoes are now my favorite. (big smile)
Now onto "Floral" for tomorrows assignment....not my favorite thing...I have a few "outside the box" ideas...any one have suggestions???


Arnolds said...

More importantly where did you get the fab black shoes!?!? ;)

The Merks said...

You know I'm gonna say the red shoes...:) Great job on the pics Kara, you're a natural and it makes me want to learn how. Hmmm maybe when you guys move over here you can be my personal teacher?! Love you:)