Thursday, May 29, 2008

I got Tagged...

Just kidding...the Blogging kind of Tag :)

This is my first time getting "Tagged" so here is goes...

Five things on my to-do list today
1. Prepare for 11am meeting
2. Cash checks at bank on lunch break
3. Finish up my homework after work from 4:30-6pm
4. Go to my "Issues in Management" class from 6pm-10pm
5. Go home after class and relax with my hubby for at least a half hour before bed time (and maybe watch the "Top Chef" episode that I DVR'd last night that I am willing to sacrifice quality sleep time to watch)

Snacks I enjoy
1. Whole wheat tortilla with peanut butter, sliced banana, a little drizzle of honey and a sprinkle of cinnamon! Yum Yum!
2. Sugar Free Jell-O cups (only 10 calories....seriously!!!)
3. The new Deli Dill Pickle Speers from Costco (only 5 calories!!)
4. Buttered Popcorn rice cake with a laughing cow cheese wedge spread on top
5. Greg's homemade stovetop popcorn

Things I would do if I were a millionaire
1. QUIT MY J.O.B., finish my degree and pay off college myself!
2. Buy a house (something bigger than our 692 SQ FT Condo) that includes guest rooms, office, laundry room, theater room and maybe a photography studio
3. Give more!
4. Always fly first class for our weekend jet-setting trips
5. Start a family ASAP, as long as #1 and #2 has been completed! :)

Places I have lived
1. Spokane, WA
2. McMinnville, OR
3. Coeur'd Alene, ID
4. Moses Lake, WA
5. Olathe, KS

Bad habits I have
1. Blog-hopping during class, and sometimes at work
2. Coffee! (I wish I didn’t depend on it as much as I do)
3. Not putting my Debit Card back in my wallet, and temporarily "misplacing" it :) (Drives my hubby nuts)
4. Begging my hubby to hit the snooze button "just one more time"
5. Putting homework off (also drives my hubby nuts!)

Jobs I have held
1. Barista
2. Sales Rep at GNC
3. Server at multiple restaurants
4. Receptionist at Dentist Office (Yes, Sadie, Tooth Acres) as well as being the "custodian", "floor waxing service" and "laundry girl"...oh the poor, single life :) SO thankful those days are over with!!!!
5. Admissions Office Coordinator at NU

I now tag...Alicia, Paula, Kayla, Nicole and Lori-girl! Have fun ladies! :)