Thursday, July 24, 2008

Casting Call (kind of)...

*EDIT*: Due to the wonderful response to this post, I do not have any more slots available at no cost. Instead, I will now be booking sessions in exchange for a donation to a local charity, which I would love to tell you all about!
I do have a limited amount of slots available, so contact me ASAP to book a session in exchange for a donation to a great cause!
I am looking for people to photograph!
Most of you know that I have a serious bug...the photography bug that is! As I learn more and more about my camera, I am looking to get as many experiences with different kinds of photo sessions in order to challenge myself to improve my photos.

To do this, I am looking for volunteer models...well you actually don't have to be a model, you just have to have a pulse! :)

Do you or someone you know have a photo op or event coming up?
Birthday Party?
Family Fun Night?
A big All-Star Game?
A pregnant momma?
A newborn baby?
Need a photo for your Christmas Card?
Have a High School Senior?
A newly engaged couple?
A mud wrestling tournament? (hehe)


You don't even have to have a reason at all...just that you are willing to help a beginning photographer out!

Interested? Email me at and we can discuss the details!

Please pass this on to your friends and family in the Seattle area!

Thanks SO much for your help!


The Merks said...

If the timing is right I would LOVE LOVE LOVE for you to take some shots of new baby when and if you are here around then. I know you have to come back for the ring so if it all pans out you got "new baby/puffy exhausted mom" checked off your list!And if you're really good I might even add add a little mud wrestling to the mix;) Love you!

Sadie Arnold said...

And, YOUR BACK!!! Your blog is fully functioning again...whew!!!! :)

Kara H said...

Paula, you crack me up! YES, I would LOVE to take pics of Drew when we come. I got a new external flash for my camera last weekend, so I won't have as much lighting issues as I had with your prego shots! Loves!

Smith Gallery Photography said...

yes, you can always ask!!! and the pic posted above is gorgeous... love that chocolaty brown processing!!!

I use both LightRoom and Photoshop - they work really well together. I did use aperture for a while but ended up switching to LR - it just seems to work better for me personally, but they're both great programs!

I start my processing in Bridge... first of all create a back up of the entire session and then import the session into LR - edit down to the number I need to complete the session and then only edit those. I start with basic adjustments (exposure, and white balance) and then start to work on the 'feel' of the photos. LR lets me make custom presets - which keeps my work looking consistent and saves me a lot of time! finish editing the photos that need it in photoshop. (which will open/save right out of LR) and then back up the edited session once again. And that's pretty much it. (of course with hours in between the start and finish of that process!!) : )

Best of luck, your work is already really nice - I just know having those programs will speed up your workflow a lot and will continue to further what's already going well for you!! Best of luck! And let me know if there's anything else I can help you with!

Airika Pope said...

YOU GO GIRL! I am so excited for this new venture for you! Let's have coffee again soon. :)

Smith Gallery Photography said...

no problem... (really) I myself have asked a TON of questions of other photographers-- some are willing to share and some are not... I would not be where I am if it wasn't for those questions - or those awesome photographers! So anytime, you know where to find me!

Krista Photography said...

Hey! Thanks for adding my blog to your list!!! :)