Saturday, August 2, 2008

More Wedding Fun!

Last weekend was a fun weekend for Greg and I. Cory and his girlfriend, Katie were in town for the weekend from Missouri for a visit and for Brian and Keri's wedding.

Cory and Katie arrived Friday night and we headed out to Palisade for! We had a wonderful time, and amazing food. Greg and I are looking forward to having an excuse to go back!
Saturday was Brian & Keri Newton's wedding. It was a beautiful day, and a gorgeous setting out on the Puget Sound. We had some of the best wedding food we have ever! It was catered by the Bride and Groom's favorite pizza joint. Seriously, the food was awesome! They started off each table with their own yummy tray of apps. Warm flat-bread, cheeses, meats, roasted bell peppers, was delicious!

There was nothing left on this tray after a few passes around the table. After the yum-o apps, there was specialty salads and pizza after pizza after pizza brought out, freshly made in their portable pizza oven on wheels! SO good! Such a fun idea for a wedding!

A few more of my favorite pics from the day...

It was a great time, and a great weekend! Looking forward to your next visit, Cory and Katy! :)


Smith Gallery Photography said...

yes, blog away...

and I LOVE that first pic! (your chocolate processing is awesome!) And you and your husband are super cute as well!

The Merks said...

How stinking cute are you miss Kara=) You really are looking fabulous these days!! I love the pictures, a serious talent young lady!!! I'll keep you posted if anything happens...I have my list of txtr's so as long as I'm not pushing on the way to the hospital you'll know. I have a feeling it'll be another induction for me so please pray it's not=)