Tuesday, August 5, 2008

Hangin' with Levi & Greyson

Last Saturday Greg and I got to hang out with Levi and Greyson. Since it was a nice day, we decided to have Josh and Sadie bring the stroller (aka BOB!) over so that we could take them to the park. Knowing me, I couldn't go on an outing with these two precious ones without my camera! Here are a few of my favorite's out the the, oh, 300 or so that I took in a matter of an hour or two (hehe)...

They played a little at the park, and then came snack time...Levi reaching for more :)

We left the park and walked a little further till we spotted a "Digger!" (this is what Levi calls excavators :)) This was a HUGE hit with Levi, although he was a little scared. He warmed up to it, just not enough to get a pic of him in the drivers seat. I was totally bummed he didn't want to sit on it...maybe next time?

Aparently we wiped Levi out...he fell asleep in BOB on the ride back home. I love how he has quite the tight grip on that truck of his, even in a deep sleep!

Thanks for the fun day at the park you two! We love you!