Thursday, August 21, 2008

Julie & Tyler

I had the privilege of doing a pre-wedding practice session with Julie and Tyler on Wednesday night. It was a blast!

Here are a few things that I learned from the shoot:
1. Julie & Tyler are SO in love (and SO darn cute)!
2. Giving direction during a shoot is harder than I thought (even though I knew it would be something I needed to work on...a lot!)
3. Julie & Tyler know how to laugh!
4. Always pack extra batteries for your flash (I totally thought about it the day before, and forgot the day of...ugh! That shouldn't happen again!)
5. I miss having Julie as a co-worker (she is so much fun)!
6. Getting great shots on a stormy Seattle night is not as hard as I thought...when you have great subjects! :)
7. Julie & Tyler are SUPER in love!
8. I had a blast doing my first couples "shoot"
9. I have SO much to learn!
10. I have SO much more to learn after that! :)

As soon as I get my external hard drive set up (correctly, that poor mac is on picture overload right now), I will be able to download the rest of the shoot...and will post more of these two love birds!

Julie & Tyler: Thank you SO much for allowing me the opportunity to "practice" on you guys! You were the perfect subjects for me! I can't wait to get you the rest of your pictures! I also can't wait for your two are so in will be a wonderful day!


julz said...

Kara, we had such a BLAST shooting with you. You're better at directing then you give yourself credit for, and we would totally recommend you to anyone else. You were fun, professional and had great ideas. Can't wait to see them and thanks for all the kinds words. Can't wait to have you there too!

Smith Gallery Photography said...

yea for good practice people! love that pose- totally cute! and as far as learning... oh! there's always SOOOOOOooooo much more to learn... can't wait to see the rest!

Smith Gallery Photography said...

ps... I borrowed your shot (I hope you don't mind!)