Tuesday, September 23, 2008

Happy Birthday, Blog!!!

Today marks a very big milestone in the Hicks household...It's our Blog's 1st Birthday!!

It has been fun to look back through everything that has happened in our life this past year that we have documented through our blog. I am super excited about what we are going to get our blog for her birthday...

One day while I was blog-hopping, I ran across the idea to do a Blurb Book of your blog! You can simply upload your blog to the free Blurb software, and you have an automatic scrapbook of your blog! I am SUPER excited to do this with our entire first year of blogging posts! I use to feel bad that I was not the scrapbooking type. Don't get me wrong, they are super cool, but I just could never really get into it. Now, I am super excited to "scrapbook" via our "Blurb Blog Book"



The Merks said...

I need more info on this Blog book as I too am not a scrapper. I have a slight case of ADHD which prevents that from happening;)

Kara H said...

Seriously, this really is the COOLEST thing! Click on the bold link in the post, and it will take you to the Blurb website! You literally download the free software, enter your blog web address, and poof! You have a book of all your blog posts! You can leave it as-is, or you can edit it more to make it look exactly how you want it! I think I need to be a Blurb rep, because I am CRAZY excited about this! I thought about it, and all of the important things (and un-important) that have happend in our lives in the past year are documented on our blog! I think it is a "scrapbooking" form that totally speaks to me! :)

Ryan and Nicole said...

Great Idea... I would totally love to scrap book in my abundance of spare time! Oh yeah, that's right I don't have any spare time. At least not at the moment. So I'll be checking this out.

We also need to get together so you can help me with my blog... I don't know how to do all these links and additions. Maybe you can give a class... I promise I'll be a good student!