Saturday, September 6, 2008

A quick life update...

I am...


I have never felt so...
Full of joy
Excited for the future
On the edge of Achievement
Loved (yes, again)

I am currently working on...

Biblical Exegesis 15 page Final (yes, 15 pages on one small passage from the bible!!)

Homework for my new class that started last night

Editing pictures for a beautiful family I did a shoot for last Monday (they are SO cute, I can't wait for you to see them!)

Editing picture for the Bar Mitzvah I did over the weekend

and Thinking about how elated I am going to be September 29th at 10 pm (at that time I will DONE with my LEAP classes!!!)

I will get it all done, I will be successful, I will be fine!

I will lean on God and remember that I have the full support and love of my Husband, family and friends.

It is a season...

A season with a sweet reward at the end!

I will also think about the fact that in exactly 25 days I will be done with school at Northwest University, and will be back here for a much needed vacation with my Hubby and his family...

(I took this pic from the deck of our hotel room on our Honeymoon 1 1/2 years ago!)

Ah...Sweet Relief!!!


Alicia said...

My goodness. As I was reading your entry, I was having flashbacks of my time in college...thinking, "oh, I know how she feels"; then I realized, wait a minute, all I had to do was go to school and work a part time job (sometimes two part time jobs). But even with that, I don't think I had as full a plate as you girly. Remember, just one hour at a time. You will make it and OHHHH, how I want to be on that beach, too!!! (P.S. This means you will be done with your degree right????!!!!! Sorry, maybe that was a dumb question, but just wanted to make sure.)

Kara H said...

Good question! You don't have to feel silly, because technically, the answer is no. After I am done with my last Business class here at NU, I will still have 6 elective credits to do between now and when I walk in the Spring. I, however do not count these in my mind, since I am going to be taking Photography classes. Those will be just what I want to do, so I really feel like I will be "done" with "school" and my "degree" in exactly 4 weeks! :) After that, it will be fun stuff! :)