Sunday, June 1, 2008

Stew at College World Series and Lambeau Field in Wisconson, Baby!

So last weekend Greg and I found ourselves traveling again, or as Sadie calls us "The Weekend Jet-setters". My cousin Stew made it to the Baseball College World Series in Appleton, WI and we decided we couldn't miss it! Greg and I flew out Saturday morning to Milwaukee and drove about 2 hours North to Appleton. We caught all of the Saturday night game, thanks to the games running late for the day. The game started at 9pm. Although Linfield lost against Trinity (undefeated on the season going into the game) we were SO proud of Stew! I caught one of his screamin' hits on video, but can't seem upload it correctly. :(

Sunday morning Greg and I met Aunt Nancy and Uncle Kenny for breakfast in Green Bay, WI. After breakfast, Greg and I headed to ...

We checked out their Hall of Fame, and took the tour of the Field..

Lambeau was pretty amazing. I totally get the whole Green Bay Packers followers and fans now. The history and tradition there in Green Bay does Football proud! It was a pretty amazing experience.

After Lambeau, we headed back to Appleton for the 3:30 pm game. Linfield fought hard, but ended up loosing which ended their season. Stew went 3 for 4 for the game. I can't say this enough, but we are SO PROUD of you Stew! You are an amazing player and leader, and your love and drive and hard work are inspiring, buddy! You gotta lead them to the World Series next year, cause we will be there again to see you lead your team to take it all!

We love you buddy! Thanks for doing us all proud!