Sunday, June 29, 2008

Summer is officially here...

Exhibit B: Lori, Amy, Greg and I went to the Cactus in downtown Kirkland for lunch after church (and is now my new favorite spot)! I love the huge sliding glass doors that open up the restaurant to the sidewalk! We were able to munch on chips and salsa while we experienced the warm summer breeze!

Exhibit C: Greg and I spotted Santa himself gettin' some sunshine today! What a nice golden tan he has achieved since last December! :)

Exhibit D: Levi in his flip flops, which apparently he put on all by himself...

Exhibit E: Popsicles! 

Exhibit F: Getting to play with no shirt on, and for Greyson, just a diaper!

Exhibit G: Swinging high in your swimsuit and flip flops!

We are all SO glad summer has finally arrived!


Alicia said...

I absolutely love the second to last picture of Levi holding onto the swing, what a great picture!!

Sadie Arnold said...

So many great pics, I love them all! I love the popsicle pic...poor uncle Gregor barely got any to himself! :) 3 more days!!!!!!!!